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Peter Bogdanovich Public Interview

Celebrated writer/director Peter Bogdanovich's appearance at the John Ford Ireland Symposium proved one of the true highlights of the weekend as the great director regaled a packed audience with stories of his encounters with Ford during their friendship.

Bogdanovich, himself one of the leading figures of the New Hollywood film movement, also spoke about his 1971 masterpiece The Last Picture Show over a lengthy public interview, which proved as entertaining as it was insightful. Audience members left the discussion elated with one calling the public interview "a truly memorable experience".

Beginning his career as a critic, Bogdanovich became a close acquaintance of many of the most revered figures of the Studio Era, including Orson Welles, John Wayne and John Ford. In 1968 he wrote a book on Ford, and in 1971 he made the documentary Directed by John Ford for the American Film Institute, which included candid interviews with John Ford, Henry Fonda John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart. Bogdanovich's varied career and in-depth knowledge of film history has made him a celebrated cultural commentator.

Bogdanovich also discussed his excellent documentary on rock musician Tom Petty, whom he met in Dublin on the opening night of the Symposium, saying: "(Tom Petty) was the coolest man I ever met, aside from Howard Hawks. Hawks was slightly cooler. But he couldn't sing."

What the audience said:.

"The interview with Mr. Bogdanovich was a truly memorable experience"

"Brilliant raconteur who I could have listened to for hours."

"The Public Interview with Peter Bogdanovich was a highlight of my 23 years thus far"

"Mr. Bogdanovich was a captivating interviewee and a great impersonator too!"

"Peter's talk was a real rare and magical event."

"I feel very privileged for having been a part of his captivated audience."

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